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Managing Project Teams

How to lead project teams to deliver excellent results in the face of client and team challenges, and uncertain environments.

Managing Project Teams


Participants will learn and practise the core skills they need to become excellent leaders of project teams:

  • Making project scopes explicit and unambiguous, clarifying business benefits and priorities so that the project can be managed to its highest value
  • Creating simple, clear work plans that capture critical paths and key vulnerabilities
  • Delegating well to both internal and external team members, including how to delegate effectively to clients and suppliers
  • Running team and individual meetings to review, reprioritise, and redelegate
  • Monitoring and addressing impending and minor issues before they become critical
  • Calmly handling issues that have become critical, reviewing consequences, assessing options and redirecting effort

Course Content

1. Making Scope Explicit
  • Clarifying the context for the project, including the ultimate business benefits and other associated initiatives that affect the project
  • Breaking down often vague desired project outputs into specific unambiguous ones, reviewing how the project output generates the business benefit, and what this means for the project
  • Understanding priorities and potential trade offs should issues arise
  • Identifying any additional available resources and support, and seeking rule of thumb guidelines
  • Agreeing communications to inform people promptly and fully, and adapt work as events unfold
2. Creating a Simple Work Plan
  • Key steps in creating a simple, usable work plan and budget
  • How to identify critical paths
  • Characteristics of typical project vulnerabilities, how to monitor them and create contingency plans
  • Delegating full, single person responsibility for work streams
  • Setting up reviews that inform without distracting
3. Delegating Responsibilities & Roles
  • Delegating fulfilling but stretching roles to team members
  • Creating peer relationships with key clients and agreeing communications
  • Delegating effectively to clients and suppliers to reduce project risk
4. Managing People
  • Using formal and informal reviews with teams and individuals, to assess progress, revise and reprioritise
  • Golden rules of effective feedback to raise people’s performance and support their development
5. Managing Issues
  • Typical issues that affect project performance and profit
  • How to pre-empt or remedy each type of issue for best results, focusing on issues that course participants come across most often



The course is very interactive.  We introduce a small number of concepts and skills, but spend most of the time practising applying the skills in a variety of common situations.



Participants spend time reflecting on how they manage people, uncovering gaps and weaknesses in their practices  They prioritise where they can improve, and develop plans to address their priorities.



Participants leave the course with a skill set that they can apply immediately to manage their people to perform better and develop rapidly.

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for anyone responsible for managing projects, for either internal or external clients.  More experienced project managers will learn new approaches and will benefit just as much from the course as those new to managing project teams.


Format & Duration

The course is conducted as classroom training.

The classroom course lasts 1 day, and works well with between 4 and 20 participants.


Dedicated Courses

Call us on 0330 0889 535 or email team@kardelen.training to arrange a dedicated course for your team.


To download a PDF document for our Managing Project Teams course,  click here