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Long Term Planning for a Valuation Event

Learn how to turn a long term exit value goal into a plan that focuses the top team onto the actions that best grow value.

Long Term Planning for a Valuation Event


Participants will practise how to turn a long term exit value goal into a plan that focuses the top team onto the actions that best grow value.  This includes prompting activities that build excellent business foundations.

  • Turning an exit value target into a series of tangible attractive business objectives, e.g. growth markets, annuity revenue streams
  • Creating a plan with long and short term priorities and goals, generating consistent action that contributes directly to the value target
  • Ensuring that all key business building activities are covered, e.g. recruitment, systems, reporting, to create a well run, scalable operation that can reliably hit targets
  • Training in best practice planning and goal setting so that participants can use plans to get the best out of their teams

Participants can use material and insights from the course directly in their own action planning sessions


Course Content

1. Best Practice Planning
  • Characteristics of best practice exit planning: concrete, high value long term objectives; medium and short term targets; development of business foundations; mild stretch goal difficulty; monitoring; and frequent review & adjustment
  • Self diagnosis, and identification of major gaps and weaknesses
2. High Value Business Objectives
  • Characteristics of high value long term business objectives: growth markets, annuity revenues, captured channels, distinctive hard-to-copy advantages, low customer concentration, etc.
  • Turning an exit value goal into 4-5 selected concrete, measurable long term business objectives
3. Planning Back from a Value Goal
  • The full planning process: turning long term objectives into current priorities by creating a series of concrete medium and short term goals
  • Identifying the most critical factors to get right
  • Reviewing risks and what-if scenarios
  • Staying on course: allocating sole responsibility; setting measures and reviews; and creating target high profile events
4. Developing Business Foundations
  • Business foundations of successful private equity investees: senior commercial hires, delegated responsibility, performance monitoring and reporting, explicit decision making, scalable infrastructure, ensuring consistent revenue growth, etc.
  • Incorporating capability building, e.g. recruitment, into planning to ensure it remains on track
5. Best Practice Goal Setting
  • Critical factors: goal difficulty, frequent reviews and adjusting goals
  • Setting and balancing multiple goals
  • Other important things to get right: specificity, commitment, consistency, multiple types, and capability development
  • Using outcome goals for long term, but performance and process for medium and short term
  • Good environments for goal achievement: support, commitment focus, achievement norms
  • Target or regular events to incentivise and track progress
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Connecting incentives with goals
  • Pitfalls of goal setting, and how to monitor and overcome them


The course is very interactive.  We introduce a small number of concepts and skills used by successful private equity portfolio companies; but we spend most of the time practising applying the skills in a variety of common situations.


Participants also spend considerable time uncovering and reflecting on the gaps and weaknesses in their own approaches to planning and team goal setting.  They prioritise where they can improve, and put together plans to address their priorities.


Participants leave the course with a skill set that they can apply immediately.


Who Should Attend?

Senior teams of newly invested private equity portfolio companies, looking to ensure that their long term exit value is maximized, and is not side tracked by missing or delayed business building activities.


The course should also be useful for top teams targeting new investment and private equity professionals looking to run planning sessions with portfolio teams.


Format & Duration

The course is conducted as classroom training.


The classroom course lasts 1 day, and works well with between 6 and 20 participants.


Dedicated Courses

Call us on 0330 0889 535 or email team@kardelen.training to arrange a dedicated course for your team.


Download a PDF document for our Long Term Planning for a Valuation Event course