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Managing Individuals for High Performance

How to help each individual you manage perform better, develop more rapidly, and derive greater satisfaction from their work.

Managing Individuals for High Performance


Participants will learn and practise the core skills they need to become excellent managers, leaders and developers of their people:

  • Matching individuals to clear roles that suit each individual’s aptitudes, capabilities and desires
  • Smart delegation of roles and tasks to raise performance and grow capability
  • Critical characteristics of well set goals, correcting damaging goal setting myths and practices
  • Golden rules of feedback and motivation: focusing on application, ingenuity and learning; and the dangers of common feedback and motivational approaches
  • Understanding development needs and providing excellent, effective on the job training
  • Supporting progress using coaching and mentoring
  • Developing the skills to identify the causes of underperformance; how to agree and support corrective actions while maintaining morale; and addressing the effects of underperformance on the broader organisation for positive results

Course Content

1. The Excellent Manager
  • Characteristics of excellent managers of people: understanding team members & role matching, delegating, goal setting, challenging, reviewing, motivating, and supporting
  • Self diagnosis, and identification of each participant’s biggest skill gaps and weaknesses
2. Matching People to Roles & Tasks
  • Role responsibility versus task responsibility: when we should use each, and why
  • Matching individuals to roles & tasks: capability, aptitude, desire and development needs
3. Delegating & Setting Goals
  • Delegating with method focus versus outcome focus applications, benefits and drawbacks of each
  • Classic delegation mistakes to recognise and avoid
  • Critical steps in delegating any task
  • Adapting delegation to each individual
  • Critical characteristics of well set goals, and how SMART goals miss an essential step
4. Reviewing & Supporting Progress
  • Using review sessions as the manager’s key tool to support team members’ performance and development


The course is very interactive. We introduce a small number of concepts and skills, but spend most of the time practising applying the skills in a variety of common situations.

Participants spend time reflecting on how they manage people, uncovering gaps and weaknesses in their practices. They prioritise where they can improve, and develop plans to address their priorities. Participants leave the course with a skill set that they can apply immediately, to manage their people to perform better and develop rapidly.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who manages one or more individuals will benefit from the course.

Format & Duration

The course is conducted as classroom training.

The classroom course lasts 2 days and works well with between 4 and 20 participants.


Dedicated Courses

Call us on 0330 0889 535 or email team@kardelen.training to arrange a dedicated course for your team.


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