Kardelen Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions people ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the courses presented?

Our courses are interactive skills development and training sessions. We introduce a number of new skills or concepts, and then give participants considerable practice in applying the material to themselves, their teams and organisations in a range of scenarios.

Our trainers are skilled at stimulating lively discussion, and guiding and supporting practice. This helps participants develop immediate practical expertise in applying
their new skills.

Do you provide a report on participants to their managers or companies?

No. We create an environment on all our courses that is risk free, where delegates can ask anything, challenge themselves to develop in areas where they are not already strong, and learn by working out for themselves what does and does not work well.

Do I need any prior knowledge of management or leadership theories to take a course?

No. Participants do not need any previous training to attend. However, we recommend some experience of managing people in our courses for managing individuals and teams.

How should I prepare for the course and what should I bring?

Well before the course begins we will send you detailed instructions. Some courses do require some pre-reading. Apart from this we ask that people arrive on time and respect the timings for the day laid out by the trainer.

Where will the training be held?

We can deliver our training either at your offices or at an external venue, whichever is more appropriate.

Why Do We Call Our Company Kardelen?

Kardelen means snowdrop, which has 3 overlapping petals, hence our logo.

Each petal stands for one of 3 questions: “Is it fun? Does it work? Is it a good thing to do?” ?”  In business vernacular this translates to: “What are we passionate about? What are we uniquely good at that the market values highly? And is that the right thing according to our values?”

The overlap of these questions is where we believe the sweet spot lies for any endeavour. This notion is well supported by history and rigorous modern studies, and is something we’ve tested and confirmed with our own survey work.

You can see from why we set up Kardelen that we act on our own advice.