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New: Improving Client Results

How to deliver excellent results and have highly satisfied clients in even the most challenging situations.

Improving Client Results


Participants will learn and practise how to work well with clients to give them a more engaging experience and deliver better results:

  • Reviewing the core mindset behind excellent client experiences and results – the sweet spot overlap of a quality product, well run process, and what clients want
  • Simple steps to make common client meetings more valuable
  • Spending enough time in the clients’ shoes to experience what does and does not work for them, and how assertiveness is surprisingly welcome
  • Working with clients in service or project delivery teams, and the importance of treating them very differently from internal team members
  • Practising working with clients in a series of common challenging real life situations, and a simple process for getting the best out of any difficult circumstance


Course Content

1. A Clients Results Mindset
  • How a great product and service, and a world class process, are necessary but not enough for a first class client experience and excellent client results
  • The mindset needed to turn great products and services into great results for clients
  • The mindset needed to turn a well run process into a satisfying client experience
  • Dangers and implications of giving clients too strong or too weak a role in product and process design, and how to get the balance right
2. Running Client Meetings
  • Checklists of good practices to make common client meetings more effective and satisfying
  • How to get and stay on the front foot with process
  • Becoming more trusted and respected by changing behaviour from submissive or aggressive to assertive
  • Understanding enough of clients’ perspectives to make meetings a productive and fulfilling experience
  • Looking after clients’ best interests in discussion, presentation and product delivery by understanding, considering options and agreeing proactive steps
3. Client Roles in Project Delivery
  • The importance of being very explicit with clients about project output and process
  • Treating clients as peers, and man marking all key people with the right team members
  • Prioritising key people and planning regular reviews
  • Rules for delegating roles and tasks to clients, and how to reduce or fail-safe client side project risks
4. Handling Difficult Client Situations
  • A simple process for handling all difficult client situations, based on understanding, considering options and taking control
  • Being assertive when clients challenge or upset your planned process, and finding a productive solution without weak compromise
  • Drawing out hidden client issues to find areas of disagreement, and act on those concerns
  • Building genuine mutual understanding and trust over time, to understand and address areas of resistance, deliver results that both address concerns and that the client can buy into
  • Dealing well with mistakes made by you, your team or the client
  • Dealing well with conflict and emotionally charged situations


The course is very interactive.  We introduce a handful of new concepts and skills, but we spend most of the time practising applying the skills in a series of mildly challenging common situations.


Participants also spend time reflecting on how well they work with clients, uncovering any gaps and weaknesses.  We prioritise together where and how participants can improve, and develop plans to address priorities.


Participants leave the course with greater expertise in giving clients a more engaging experience and better results, with an enhanced skill set that they can apply immediately.


Who Should Attend?

This course will help anyone who works with internal or external clients, who appreciates the importance of giving clients an outstanding experience and results that count for them.


The course will particularly suit people who work with clients in project situations.

Format & Duration

The course is conducted as classroom training.


The classroom course lasts 1 day, and works well with between 4 and 20 participants.



Dedicated Courses

Call us on 0330 0889 535 or email team@kardelen.training to arrange a dedicated course for your team.


To download a PDF document for our Improving Client Results course,  click here