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Presenting Insights & Leading Meetings

Learn and practise how to create and deliver clear and engaging presentations, prompt discussion about implications and build consensus.

Presenting Insights & Leading Meetings


Participants will learn and practise skills to create storylines and draw clear conclusions from analysis, to engage people and focus their attention on the essential points.  They will also practise how to run meetings assertively, to draw out issues and spend time discussing implications.

  • Practising turning often complex analysis into clear, engaging storylines
  • Making presentations succinct, focusing attention on essential areas
  • Preparing for meetings so that they are focused on discussion of conclusions, insights and implications, rather than assumptions, analysis and process
  • Running meetings with an assertive, problem solving mindset by looking after other meeting participants, uncovering issues and jointly reviewing implications
  • Key tools in being a calm, commanding presenter
  • Dealing with common presentation and meeting issues such as nerves, conflict, and mistakes


Course Content

1. Designing Clear Presentations & Storylines
  • Clarifying objectives before any other step, and designing presentations to hit only those objectives
  • The essential components of a well designed presentation, with a beginning, middle and end
  • How to clarifying context and design set up to increase meeting success
  • Turning complex analysis and reasoning into an engaging story
  • Focusing only on key points that people need to know – golden rules for what to include and what to leave out
  • How to highlight useful, eye opening, challenging and insightful findings
  • Rules of elegant slide design, with concise English and simple graphics
  • Good writing is rewriting – simple rules for editing
  • Creating time for relaxed discussion
2. Preparing for Meetings
  • Pre wiring key individuals to head off controversy and focus meetings on decisions and implications
  • Delegating meeting roles to give you mind space to run the meeting well
  • Key aspects to practise
  • Small changes to be sharper and more professional
3. Running Meetings
  • Adopting an assertive, problem solving mindset – clarifying objectives, uncovering concerns, and agreeing implications
  • Becoming more influential by presenting less
  • Simple ways of exuding presence and confidence
  • Presenting from the audience’s point of view
  • Golden rules for answering questions calmly and well
4. Dealing with Issues
  • Dealing with nerves, and helping team members with their nerves
  • Handling conflict productively
  • Dealing with your mistakes and other people’s mistakes


We run this course interactively with participants.  We introduce a small number of approaches and skills; but we spend most of the time practising applying those skills in a variety of common situations.


We adapt the material to the types of presentations and meetings that participants experience most commonly, or where they struggle.  We practise the skills most useful for those situations.


Participants leave the course with a mindset and practical skills in storyline development and meeting management that they can apply immediately.


Who Should Attend?

Given the widespread importance of creating clear, engaging presentations, and running productive meetings, this course is suitable for anyone.


People who have been on our Structured Thinking & Presenting course will find this course to be both a useful revision and a valuable extension of what they learned.

Format & Duration

The course is conducted as classroom training.


The classroom course lasts 1 day, and works well with between 4 and 20 participants.



Dedicated Courses

Call us on 0330 0889 535 or email team@kardelen.training to arrange a dedicated course for your team.


To download a PDF document for our Presenting Insights & Leading Meetings course, click here.