Kardelen Training

Courses that Grow
Personal &
Company Value

Courses develop critical thinking skills
for the individual and more valuable, higher performance environments for the organisation


Kardelen provides a suite of courses to suit all stages of development. Courses range from one day courses on specialist topics to our in house MBA. In each course, participants learn and practise skills that develop excellent individual and team performance.

Structured Thinking & Presenting

How to solve complex business problems using structured thinking, and present conclusions clearly and succinctly.

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Presenting Insights & Leading Meetings

Learn and practise how to create and deliver clear and engaging presentations, prompt discussion about implications and build consensus.
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Using Goals to Raise Performance

How to use goals more expertly, both to generate major improvements in performance and capability, and to turn long term visions into action plans.
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Improving Client

How to deliver excellent results and have highly satisfied clients in even the most challenging situations.

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Managing Project

How to lead project teams to deliver excellent results in the face of client and team challenges, and uncertain environments.
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Self Development as a Manager and Leader

Personal management habits common to successful high performing people; and how to adopt them skilfully to develop as a manager and leader.
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Fast Track Performance Environment

How to fast track the business disciplines essential for success with private equity investors.

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Long Term Planning for a Valuation Event

Learn how to turn a long term exit value goal into a plan that focuses the top team onto the actions that best grow value.

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Managing Individuals for High Performance

How to help each individual you manage perform better, develop more rapidly, and derive greater satisfaction from their work.

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Managing Teams for High Performance

How to create an environment and establish practices that stimulate and develop high performing teams.

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Frequently Asked

Answers to some of the most common questions people ask us.

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