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Kardelen Launches Its MBA

Kardelen has launched its MBA, training a group of 10 Senior Consultants, 3 Associate Directors and 2 Directors at Sports Industry Agency of the Year, Two Circles. The MBA comprises 7 individual courses, and the group will take one course every 2 months.

We spread the course into separate sessions to give participants time to bed in each course’s skillset before introducing the next one. This approach has some other practical advantages: we don’t take a whole senior team away from client work for days at a time; and the participants can come to each session refreshed and hungry for an energetic day of learning and practice.

Because an entire peer group and senior team are taking the course, we have also been able to work with Two Circles to integrate the skills and practices from each course into its operating playbook.

We offer this course for all clients, and will publicise details soon.

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