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NEW COURSE: Improving Client Results

Improving client results

Have you ever thought you had a fantastic solution but struggled to get client buy-in? Have you ever had a difficult client who is hampering the process? Ever had to deal with managing a mistake from your team or with a highly emotionally charged unhappy client?

Relationships with your clients, both internal and external, bring a raft of challenges. But without your clients’ engagement and buy in, your work won’t be valuable and your clients won’t return.

Kardelen’s new module, Improving Client Results, helps our training participants bridge the gap to turn a great product and process into excellent results and an engaging experience for their clients.  We cover the core mindset that leads to excellent client results, simple steps to make common client meetings more valuable, how assertiveness generates respect and leads to a better solution, how to work with clients who have roles in your project delivery, and we practise a simple process to handle client issues well in a series of typical challenging client situations.

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